The project of a lifetime
for epoch development and sustainability.




Our philosophy at deRedProject™ works under IIA.

Pixel imaginations
We believe, “imagination is better than knowledge”. We imagine first.
Imaginations into ideas
Carried out by discussion and realities we take our imaginations into ideas.
Ideas into actions
Exclusive ideas are taken into actions by youth in our team.


We love to work and progress,
with young entrepreneurs. Could you have any epoch changing ideas, shall we be grateful to hear!!

A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam network


deRedProject™ is carried out by a young entrepreneur with a imaginary vision of bringing epoch change and prosperity in the society with a global impact of responsible business. deRedProject™ is further understood and followed up by a group of youth. deRedProject™ is currently running 21 projects in Nepal.



Dev Duwadi




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You are more than welcomed to discuss about your ideas and partnership with deredproject™ team.

Something incredible is waiting to be known


Let’s bring prosperity together.


Kathmandu, Nepal